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Maasai Mara
National Park

The Maasai Mara National Reserve,(locally known as The Mara) is a large game reserve in Narok County Kenya,  it is bounded by Serengeti

National Park in Mara Region, Tanzania. With the total area of 1510km (580sqm) it is the northern most area Mara and Serengeti ecosystem, which covers 25,000km(9700sqm)in Tanzania and Kenya.


Maasai Mara is one of the most famous and important wildlife conservation in Africa.


The Maasai Mara is the most big 5 reserve in the word, Its famous for its high population of of Masai lions, African leopards, African bush Elephant and Tanzanian cheetahs, and the annual migration of zebra, when approximately 1.5 milion of  wildebeest leave to Maasai Mara, and from the Serengeti in Tanzania every year from July to October crossing to river filled with crocodile as part of their endless journey known as the Great Migration which named as one of the seven Natural Wonders of Africa and one of the ten Wonders of the World.

Maasai Mara National Reserve is only area of the Greater Mara Ecosystem, the Mara triangle and several Maasai group ranches which includes the following  Koiyaki, Lemek, Ol Chorro Oirowua, Olkinyei, Siana, Maji Moto, Naikara, Ol Derkesi, Kerinkani, Oloirien and kimintet.

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