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National Park

Mikumi National Park is one the most popular visitor points that covers an area of 3,230 it is the fourth largest park in Tanzania, and there are over 32 large mammal species to be found there including: 

elephant, hippo, lion, zebra, wildebeest, impala, éland, impala, baboons, giraffe, warthog,  and waterbuck which can be sighted occasionally throughout the year.


Mkata flood plain is the main feature inside the park, along with the mountain ranges that border the park on two sides.


A common border and ecosystem shared with Selous Game Reserve on the southern part.


Reptiles including crocodile, monitor lizard and python are also resident in the park, sable Antelope can be sighted in the southern part of the park and also the Greater Kudu, leopard, and the wild dog also known as the African Hunting Dog.


More than 400 bird species have been recorded, including European migrants during the rainy season.


Major road and railways through National Park, along with power and oil pipelines.


Rivers, ravines, forests, wooded grasslands and more, makes Mikumi National Park one of Tanzania’s most attractive parks.


A perfect place for a day trip for those who have little time to spend an overnight.


Spendig at least a night in Mikumi National Park to enjoy a game drive in this beautiful park is also recommended.


Accommodation facilities are available inside the Park

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