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Let's travel Tanzania together

We are common ground


Common Ground Safari celebrates our connection to earth and to each other. We believe that despite our unique cultures and experiences, we all live, thrive, and explore a common ground.


Here at Common Ground Safari we believe in sustainable tourism practices that are locally-led. Our goals is to empower the local community and give people a platform to share their own unique stories with travelers.


Here in Tanzania we are all a melting pot of different religions, ethnicities and tribal groups. But we are all Tanzanian first and this bonds us! We, at Common Ground Safari, are bringing this ethos to the tourism industry in East Africa.


We are a locally-led company, owned and run by Tanzanians. We know the magical landscape of Tanzania like the back of our hand and we are excited to show you what we believe is the most beautiful place on earth.


Common Ground Safari is a small Safari company just starting out. Although the company began in 2021, we have had many years of experience working with tourists to create unique experiences that are unlike any other. As a new company we invite you to be part of our family! We want you to help shape us into the exciting and impactful tour company that we strive to be.


Professional Guides

Lifelong Memories

The land where life was born

Tanzania's unrivaled reputation for tourism is well deserved.


Tanzania is one of the only places where the impact of civilization on the environment is not yet noticeable.


Traveling to this African country will be the perfect getaway for anyone looking to experience the true power of the wild, experience authentic tribal culture and indulge in Swahili cuisine.


Your adventure in Tanzania will leave unique memories that will keep you warm for years to come.



Visit the most famous national parks in Africa and experience the wildlife of Tanzania and Kenya



Fabulous beaches, sea safaris and the colorful Stone town



Why choose one thing when you can combine many vivid experiences in one trip?




Seven-day trip climbing the highest mountain in Africa




Experience the culture of Tanzania's many tribes and learn how they live

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9 Day Wildlife Safari for Families - private departure

Hear from our explorers

In August 2021, my husband and I traveled around Tanzania accompanied by Cyrill and Ahmed.


It was one of the best travel experiences of my life.


We got in touch with amazing ancient civilizations that preserved thousands of years of traditions and values, tasted their food, tried on clothes and lifestyle, danced their ritual dances and felt the goodness of their natural rhythm.


We visited the national park, several cities, met many amazing people!


Communication with the guides brought a lot of pleasure, joy, new knowledge and healthy habits!


I dreamed of such a trip and thanks to Cyrill and Ahmed my dream became a reality.


I recommend contacting these guides who dream of feeling the rhythm, energy and beauty of real Africa!


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Welcome to Tanzania


Your dream safari is easy!


Just write to us and our managers will help you choose the best program for your trip.


From a one-day safari to a month-long expedition, anything is possible. Even what you did not find in our program


Our clients are part of our family!

And our mission is to make your stay in Tanzania your most impressive and fond memory.


Our tours are fully customizable - whatever your booking request, we're here to make your African dreams come true.

Can't make a choice?

Contact us and we will help you find the perfect trip for you

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